In Memoriam Richard F. Ayrey (1948 – 2024)


This is a memorial issue honoring Richard F. Ayrey (1948 – 2024), a US scorpiologist. A full list of his 26 works is appended, as well as a list of scorpion taxa described by Richard (two genera and 19 species of Vaejovidae), and a map of their type localities in the USA and Mexico.

DeBoer-Ayrey, M., Myers, B. T., Bryson, Jr., R. W., Webber, M. M., Graham, M. R., Lowe, G., Fet, V., & Kovařík, F. 2024 . In Memoriam Richard F. Ayrey (1948 – 2024). Euscorpius, No. 384: 1-10.