Living with the enemy? Predation on the frog Tachiramantis tayrona by a Theraphosidae spider


Living with the enemy? Predation on the frog Tachiramantis tayrona by a Theraphosidae spider

Given that predation is a biotic interaction that can shape the behaviour of potential prey (Ruxton et al., 2018), it is important to know who is eating who in nature. Invertebrates have often been recorded to predate on amphibian anurans, with spiders being one of the most important predators of terrestrial frogs (Menin et al., 2005; Toledo, 2005; Nyffeler and Altig, 2020). In this short note, we report on a predation event of a mygalomorph spider upon the frog Tachiramantis tayrona (Lynch and Ruiz-Carranza, 1985), an endemic species to Colombia that is currently categorised as “Near Threatened” (IUCN SSC Amphibian Specialist Group, 2017).

Herpetology Notes, volume 16: 593-595 (2023) (published online on 08 August 2023)